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The Water Keeps Rising: Benny Starr Exhibits His Momentous "A Water Album" at Avery Research Center

“The Water Keeps Rising” exhibit aims to explore that evening, and so much more. As the Avery Research Center plans to reopen on January 15th 2020, artist Benny Starr will be creating an exhibit built around his momentous night, along with using data from The Avery’s State of Racial Disparities Report in Charleston County.

Along with showcasing his multifaceted music, and social justice art, within this showcase Starr will be the first ever lowcountry rap artist to have his work showcased in a museum.

This exhibit will create an immersive experience for visitors. Bathed in blue light, and accented with local palm trees, this room will serve as a small scale replica of the Charleston Music Hall stage the night of Benny’s landmark performance.” — The Charleston Chronicle


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