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Drought & Flood: An Artistic Contemplation (feat. Benny Starr)

Drought & Flood: An Artistic Contemplation is a virtual concert designed to use performance art to highlight the way that water ebbs and flows through space and time, and the way that those ebbs and flows impact communities.

In partnering with a diverse group of artists through the combination of drama, dance, music, and educational story-telling, “Drought and Flood” conveys the impacts and challenges of managing water in an ever-evolving world.

The work of six artists from around the world will be showcased in this concert. The context behind each piece tells a unique story, but they each are linked together with the underlying theme of how drought and/or flood impact communities. Sprinkled throughout the concert are personal stories of individuals and communities affected by drought and flood, shared generously by StoryCenter and We Are Water archives. The stories of research being done by AAAS STPF Fellows focused on water issues are also interspersed throughout.

June 23rd 12pm EST (private event)

June 30th 7pm EST (public premier)


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