Benny Starr

Crown of SC

Madalyn Owen, Photographer.

Through his masterful flow, lyricism, and magnetic stage presence, Pineville, South Carolina’s Benny Starr is an artist both timeless, and perfectly poised for his time and place.

The buzz around Starr’s talent has been growing for years through his singles, EPs, mixtapes, and freestyle performances, leading to the release of his first LP in 2015 entitled Free Lunch. Charleston City Paper’s Kyle Peterson described the record as “a soul and R&B sample-infused effort that showcased the emcee’s formidable technical skills and keen political and social consciousness, music that harkens back to hip-hop titans Nas and Talib Kweli.”

Starr continues to further his reputation as a deft collaborator and community leader. In 2016, he released a live band EP with Very Hypnotic Soul Band. VHSB is a group of socially conscious artists who collaborate on high concept genre-bending projects.

His most recent solo project, A Water Album, recorded live at Charleston Music Hall, is slated for a Juneteenth 2019 release, and will continue to highlight Benny Starr as an undeniably powerful artistic force. A Water Album is Starr’s sophomore album. Starr describes its creation:

"Music is deeply personal for me. After Free Lunch, I needed the time away from music to grow, and to feel; to love and to hurt; and I needed that time to discover and examine more of myself. I was luckily granted enough of those God-given moments to find the inspiration for A Water Album.

"On this body of work, I've been blessed to collaborate with many artists I have profound admiration for – both here in Charleston, and beyond. It is in that spirit of gratitude that I present this album to you, as I plan to not only debut A Water Album , but to also record it live, with the city that inspired much of its creation. I want Charleston to be a part of this recording – it is the only way I could imagine presenting this.”